Friday, February 9, 2007

Archery Fishing Hunting

by James Zeller

Archery fishing or archery hunting is one of the last sports that is not regulated by the government. You don't have to register to buy a bow or get "IDed" to buy a dozen arrows. The arrow heads for reloads are not even scrutinized. That is the way it should be. Archery shooting is a sport enjoyed all year long, indoors and out.

A host of archery fishing clubs, archery hunting clubs and events populate America for this growing sport. Actual sized targets for game in outdoor archery ranges make for an exciting practice session. Shooting a bow uphill or downhill increases the level of difficulty for the shot but hones your skills in the archery fishing hunting event.

The recent migration of Asian Carp up the Mississippi River has created an archery fishing hunting event that is hunter, prey interactive. Because this fish is invasive there are no regulations on taking the fish. As the boat cruises through the water, the prop turbulence causes the carp to rush out of the water and airborne. This is the interactive part, if you are looking or not 8-10 pound fish come flying out of the water to crash into the boat, into you or splash harmlessly back into the water. The fish can injure you. You have a chance to use your bow to practice aerial shots at the carp.

Archery fishing hunting for alligator gar fish, carp, and alligators are a few of the species that are targeted with water taken species. Birds, and big game species are usually related to regular archery hunting. Water adds a new dimension that allows seasons and game to overlap into a year round sport. Seek a local archery club for events that are scheduled in your area. If you like golf, there is even an archery golf wherein the golf ball is replaced by arrows. Loads of fun!

Charters and guides are catering to this sport that includes bows, arrows, water, land, fish birds and animals as well as targets.